What are the best baby games?

What are the best waking games for a baby? An objective answer is not easy to find but we deliver here a selection of ideas for games for the awakening of baby. The first source of fun and awakening for a baby is undoubtedly his parents and his close entourage. Himself too. At an early age your child will start playing with his mouth, tongue, fingers, hands and feet. He will first make involuntary gestures that will sometimes make him laugh. He will also have fun with you when you tickle him and you will make beautiful smiles and areu-areu if he appreciates your pussies. Then when he awakes a little more he will also be able to hold in his hands and play with objects. Discover in this article the main games and objects of awakening for baby.


What are the best baby games, the pacifier or pacifier

The pacifier or pacifier soothes the baby and satisfies his natural need to suckle, replacing the breast of the mother or the thumb, more difficult to stop. Choose the nipple of your baby carefully so that it corresponds best to the morphology of his mouth. The soothing effect of the pacifier is especially helpful when your baby is crying a lot and can soothe the stress of the baby as parents for a better parent-child relationship.

The pacifier, however, is not only beneficial, but is pointed out for its deleterious effects on the jaw, the palate, and the teeth that, bathed in saliva, are harder to clean. The unhygienic aspect of the nipple that often hangs everywhere is also a major drawback. The pacifier can also delay the learning of communication and can be seen as an easy solution where the comfort of parents would have the same reassuring power as the pacifier, without the insulating and solitary aspect of it. If your baby cries a lot and does not give you the choice, they prefer a small and flexible nipple like Mam’s Perfect Pacifier to limit the negative impacts.

The teething ring

Around 4-5 months if the baby starts to drool abundantly. It’s a sign that his teeth are about to come out. If her cheeks and buttocks blush and baby becomes grumpy it is time to relieve it and the teething ring is for that purpose. During a dental flare, the teething ring helps relieve gum pain. The teething ring has the advantage of being easy to carry and you can take it everywhere with you. What are the best baby games of these ages? Prefer a soft material with small pimples to promote the breakthrough of the first teeth and a shape that is both easy to handle and easy to chew. Some ring models are filled with water or gel and can be chilled in the fridge for even greater efficiency. Be careful, however, not to freeze them.

The rattle

Easy to hold the rattle is one of the first baby toys that chews and shakes him with his eyes. The rattle thus participates in the development of its sense of touch and sight. Some are equipped with small balls to make noises that entertain babies and help to make the connection between these small noises and his movements thus developing his psychomotricity. The rattle is, therefore, a good toy idea for the youngest babies.

In time, the rattle was used to ward off evil spirits around the baby’s cradle.

Precautions to take with the rattle: In the first weeks the gestures of a baby are abrupt and sometimes involuntary and it risks bumping with its rattle. Be sure to choose a soft or soft plastic to avoid small sores.

Music and musical toys

The music awakens the child is undeniable. She can calm him down. She can also annoy him. It’s according to his mood and what you make him listen to. I remember listening to music in the first days after my baby was born while I was still in the maternity ward. And I remember that he reacted a lot to the sounds of instruments and voices.

The maracas are a very good first musical instrument for a baby that makes the link between his movements and the sound of the maracas he holds in his hands.

He waking mat

The playmat is a must-have play area for babies who can use it from birth on their backs but will only really benefit from it for 2 months for the most awake babies. Around 3-4 months baby begins to play with his hands and can fix his eyes a little better on objects. It is only around 6 months when your baby can also turn on his stomach and back alone that he will fully enjoy a mat and the various elements that compose it.

The Vtech Lumi carpet or  Multicolored Little Buddies Mat has three game modes that are the discovery of colors, shapes, and the awakening of hearing by melodies and sounds of animals. 

The mat has the advantage of being machine washable.

The awakening mat with arch for cozy

Some arousal mats are scalable and their arches can be positioned on a cozy baby, convenient to entertain baby during car trips.

Most babies fall asleep very quickly by car and it is only from a few months that an ark of awakening for Cozy can be useful to you and to amuse your child.

Stuffed animals, mirrors, rattles, animals, interactive arousal boards, a cozy ark’s play props can be very varied, so choose the one you prefer for your child.

The baby book

Until 6 months old baby books are still difficult to interpret by the child alone. Images may not be of interest to your child until 6 months of age because he or she needs to pay a lot of attention to watch them. Before 6 months the book is more a moment of sharing between you and your child who does not necessarily understand everything you tell him but who appreciates listening to your voice, your intonations, and the special attention you give him during this moment.

By dint of seeing you do it will eventually acquire the same reflexes as you. It acquires the sense of reading from left to right and the principle of the pages you turn. It is not until about a year that the baby becomes able to grasp and open a single book to look at the images, turn the pages and end up closing it. By doing this first step with you, you facilitate his learning at school by giving him bases and awakening his interest in this awakening support.

I hope this article about what are the best baby games can be useful for you.

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