Tell a story for children: how to do it?

An adult will read a book for entertainment, a child will read a book to build, they say. Tell a story for children can influence their lives to a degree that you will never suspect. It is the basis, the root of a whole life that is built through simple words. This activity with children is when they discover the outside world and choose their own ideals.


Tell a story for children to develop your child’s imagination.

Telling a story to fall asleep, your child is, first of all, a good way to share good moments of laughter and smiles. You create a moment just two and it can become a kind of “tradition” between you.

So, if you get enough of it, he will be able to concentrate and move his own mind. Already notice that no matter how hard you try to be an excellent storyteller, your words will not translate all the subtle details of the stories you tell him. And that’s where it gets interesting. The child will try to fill this void, this thirst for understanding by bringing history to his daily life, his knowledge, and his own experiences.

Moreover, no one has seen an image move in a book. But your child will try to make it move, imagine the next, to assume things. This will shape his ability to think, analyze and creatively. Unlike the TV that will do less work its neurons.

A recent survey in collaboration with elementary school teachers revealed another aspect of the matter. The fact is that children who have listened to more stories to fall asleep, develop a certain ability to coordinate their ideas during writing exercises. They are more creative and more original in their writing and stand out very quickly from children.

Some tips for being the king of children’s stories.

First, remember that telling stories to children to fall asleep should be done with pleasure. If you force yourself, believe me, you have gone wrong.

The biggest secret lies in the choice of books. You must select for your child heroes who convey moral values ​​such as mutual help, courage, forgiveness, love of a job well done, etc. These are ideals that will help him take risks, discover new things, and so on.

Then, the vocabulary used in the stories to fall asleep must be varied and rich. The child must discover new words to express his ideas easily. In the evenings, it is better to avoid horror stories, as you can imagine, for a more peaceful sleep.

As a good storyteller, you must articulate your words well. Avoid precipitation and take all your time. The children always copy what you are doing in front of them. This is the best way to teach him good manners and good articulation of words.

Never keep the same pace until it ends, it may get boring. Some words must be pronounced quickly to slow down others. See even some silence to better reflect the suspense and the reversals of the situation. This will make your story more interesting.

Same for the tone to use when telling a story. Sometimes you’ll talk so low that he’ll feel like you’re whispering. Then BAM! You go up abruptly! You have to manipulate the emotions, or at least faithfully translate the intentions of the author of the book.

No need to remind you that it will be necessary to imitate the voice of the “animal characters” or that a king will always speak with a grave tone, for example. Your voice must be consistent with the emotion conveyed. You must also make fun of your children’s stories to impress them better.

I hope these tips about how to tell a story for children can be useful for you.

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