what are the best baby games What are the best baby games? - What are the best waking games for a baby? An objective answer is not easy to find but we deliver here a selection of ideas for games for the awakening of baby. The first source of fun and awakening for a baby is undoubtedly his parents and his close entourage. Himself too. At an early age your child will start playing with his mouth, tongue, fingers, hands and feet. He will first make involuntary gestures that will sometimes make him laugh. He will also have fun with you when you tickle him and you will make beautiful smiles and areu-areu if he appreciates your pussies. Then when
how to educate a child How to Educate a Child?  16 basic rules - Parents will feel happy if their children grow well. The following are tips on how to educate a child so they can grow well. Contents0.0.1 1. Do what you say and do not say what you will not do! 0.0.2 (to be credible in the eyes of the child)0.0.3  2. Be more stubborn than him!0.0.4 3. Praise, encourage good behavior0.0.5 4. Give him a lot of love (and time)!0.0.6 5. Sanction directly (and not two days later)0.0.7 6. Is it you who decides!   0.0.8 7. Inculcate values ​​(showing the example) 0.0.9 8. Do not spoil him materially!   0.0.10 9. Behavioral priority, NOT RESULT0.0.11 10.
tell a story for children Tell a story for children: how to do it? - An adult will read a book for entertainment, a child will read a book to build, they say. Tell a story for children can influence their lives to a degree that you will never suspect. It is the basis, the root of a whole life that is built through simple words. This activity with children is when they discover the outside world and choose their own ideals. Contents1 Tell a story for children to develop your child’s imagination.2 Some tips for being the king of children’s stories. Tell a story for children to develop your child’s imagination. Telling a story to fall asleep, your child
How to teach independence to your children How to Teach Independence to Your Children? - Many dads are wondering up to what level they should either protect their children or give them more freedom. Fashions and safety have changed dramatically in recent decades,  prompting more caution and caution from our offspring. Here are some tips on how to teach independence to your children that you need to pay attention to Contents1 Teach independence to your children from an early age…2 During teenagehood…3 Learn from your mistakes: a bad thing Teach independence to your children from an early age… Teach your children that you have confidence in them from an early age. You will teach them that trust is worthy and
How to make your child smarter How to Make Your Child Smarter - Family happiness, education, these themes have been the subject of many scientific studies. But what about methods to help his children achieve good grades and develop intellectually? Well, there are also many studies and books on this subject. Here are 9 tips inspired by science about how to make your child smarter. Contents1 1  Encourage them to play an instrument2 2  Have them play sports3 3  Read WITH them and not for them4 4  Watch out for lack of sleep!5 5  IQ is not everything6 6  To learn, you have to be active7 7  Delicacies at the right time8 8 
What size bike for my child The best bike for children: How to choose it? - Like any parent, you have chosen to please your child with a bike. Be aware that for the little ones, there are two types: those with 2 wheels and those with 3 wheels. However, choosing the best bike for children is often difficult, but is essential to meet the wishes of the child. If this is part of your concern, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information. Contents1 Parameters to take into account when choosing a child bike1.1 The size of the child to find the size of the child bike1.2 The size of the wheels for choosing the
how to become a genius How to become a genius in 5 easy steps - Obviously, when I talk about becoming a genius, I do not propose tips about How to become a genius like a genius-magician such as Aladdin’s, it would be much too complicated. No, my ambitions are much more modest, I’ll just explain how to become Einstein. And I’m not just talking about the scientific genius, the recipe is pretty much the same for the artistic genius. We can think of Michelangelo, Mozart, Van Gogh … You choose. On the other hand, you do not have to choose between scientific genius and artistic genius. You can have both at the same time, it did not bother Leonardo da Vinci, rest