Managing your couple account: How to do it?

To prevent from ending in trench warfare between you and your other half, here are the tips for managing your couple account.


A joint account to pay common expenses.

Having a joint account to pay the common expenses does not prevent to have each a personal account: “For all that is the purchase of clothes or hi-tech equipment for oneself, gifts, care for oneself, etc … we use our personal account “. The account that can be used to replenish the account.

Establish rules that are appropriate for both.

Who pays what? Make a list of recurring expenses and their amount. 

Distribute expenses in proportion to the salary of each.

“The keyword in our management is equity. “. In case of disparity of income, it is not fair to divide all expenses into two.

“We have set up a common account for all expenses of the home (loan, daycare, housekeeper, food, insurance, etc …) where everyone abounds every month (initial distribution based on income) and if must add it is the one who wins the most that add. The only sprain, when we go out (restaurants, concerts, amusement parks, etc …) it is “bibi” who regales 😉 »

Fair sharing of expenses but only one manages daily.

Once you have agreed, it may seem simpler that only one of you keeps an eye on your budget: “It is necessary for the couple to trust each other and only one manages the whole if not that do not go. “We share everything: information, decisions, money, but the day-to-day management is the business of one of the two. “.

Only one of them is at the controls.

“No quarrel with us: it’s always me who pays! “. In some cases, this can avoid many problems and disputes that one or the other completely manages the finances of the home. But very often it quickly becomes difficult to manage for the one who holds the purse strings while the other ends up being frustrated to be unable to participate in the decisions taken on certain expenses.

If you are in this way, it is important that the one who does not manage is still involved in decision making. Discuss it regularly.

Radical or thrifty in managing your couple’s account?

Everyone has their way of seeing things. Being thrifty is to your credit, it’s even essential today. But be careful not to sink on the dark side and become stingy. Forcing your half to live in deprivation quickly turns into a nightmare. When you are looking at all the labels, that you do not go out, neither restaurant nor cinema, flowers nor gifts … it could get tiring!

Manage the extras well.

For extras, each one’s desires then find the balance: “Every month, once we have paid the expenses of the family, the money we have left is divided in two: half savings, half pleasure. We have a list of things we would like each and we set priorities together! “.

We sometimes leave ourselves with instructions like” Look only at the global amounts for the next 2 weeks “or” Look only at un-categorized operations. I have already categorized what I do not want you to see. Otherwise, difficult to make surprises for birthdays 🙂 “.

Do not fall into excess by spending more than you earn.

Things get complicated when one of them is a little too hot to heat the credit card: “It’s the end of the month and there are a few euros left? She will spend up to the last and more which makes her end the month in negative every month ! “.

Try to set a budget together, set the priorities, plan a sum available for expenses crush.

And then for some the best solution to not get ahead in a relationship about money … well, it’s to be single!

Finally without mutual trust, without concession nothing is possible. Be economical but not stingy, indulge yourself without getting into debt. This is the basis of managing your couple account: the equal-free! “For those who are demanding with the control of their accounts“.

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