Ideas for Making Money: Start Earn Extra Money Now!

We already have a job. But since there is no increase insight, why not round off the end of the month? Testimonials from those who found how to find money easily. Having additional income might be quite fun for most people. Here are some ideas for making money


Transport packages

I did not know the crowd shipping – being delivered by a stranger – before clicking by chance on a Jweby ad, a site that was looking for “deliverymen”. I often go to Spain, my family lives there, and I travel to Europe for my work, in short, I move a lot. So why not?

A little game early, I create my account, I register the dates of my travels and I set my own prices, not too high if I want it to work: 0 € for urgent mail to deliver in the day, 20 € for a package of clothes …

Obviously, orders do not fall right away. But the first, after a month, leads to the following because my profile is well noted. It suits me because it’s simple: in order not to waste time, I collect and deliver parcels at the airport, and I accept only open packages to be sure not to carry anything.

  •  DIY manufacturing

DIY manufacturing can be an idea for making money. For my wedding, zapping the sites of invitations wedding and decorative, I am horrified by the prices. As I am quite good at everything manual, I decide to make the decoration myself, for fifty people. I watch tutorials on the internet, I take a course of cutting on wood …

And I’m doing well! I draw the announcements, I use driftwood for the mark-squares, scraps of fabric for the pennants … Every day, everyone is bluffed. Compliments motivate me. It makes me think and I start.

My job allows me to be available at 18 hours, I start to create other objects, a dozen. A few boxes for gifts, frames for photos … I put them online on a classifieds site, I expose them in garage sales at weekends. 

For a year, I just made a few euros, until a couple of friends contacted me to order: remembering what I had done for mine, they want me to take care of all the decoration of their wedding on the theme of the beach. My first big order.

  • Cooking for strangers

VizEat connects tourists or natives who want to dine at home. I cook well, my roommates are up and we have a major asset: a large terrace. We sign up. 

Some profiles feature themed meals, worthy of ” An almost perfect dinner “, others, professional menus. You will never be able to compete with a 3-star. We put rather on our good humor … and our famous terrace.

We saw it right: last month, it was she who seduced our first guests, a group of girlfriends who were celebrating a bachelor party.

  • Put your home on Airbnb

I live in La Rochelle, but when my boss offers me to supervise the opening of a shop for eight weeks in Montpellier, I do not hesitate a second. It supports on-site accommodation, but I still have to pay my rent here. I feel like I’m wasting my money …

For my girlfriends, a two-room empty in the center of La Rochelle, it is rather a way to win: ” Put it on Airbnb! “In three minutes, I do the math: renting his apartment at 40 € per night, it would … 2,240 € in eight weeks! So, I think it’s good ideas for making money

My owner, who is also my aunt and who owns the whole building, agrees. To do well, I look after the ad: in addition to a detailed presentation, I make a request to the site for a photographer to shoot the apartment.

I quickly have requested but to be quiet, I organize first appointments on Skype, to better know the tenants. A few days before my departure, everything is planned: ten days of the rental to a couple, a weekend to Italian and two weeks to a student who does an internship at the aquarium of the city.

I gather my stuff in the dressing room, I leave the wifi code and the notice of the oven insight … For the keys, I have a deal with my neighbor: she welcomes my “guests” and calls me in case of trouble. And then my aunt is not far either.

  • Provide a concierge service

She’s a friend who introduces me to Welkeys. The principle is simple: be paid to manage the delivery of rented apartment keys on sites like Airbnb. In six months, she won € 500. More than enough to make me want to try. It’s Ideas for making money

Registration on the site is free, but I must provide identification and a clean criminal record, and then an interview. Quickly, I get my first mission: a couple who sublets his two-room during the holidays. 

When the tenants arrive, I just have to give them the keys. And when they leave, check that they have not brought the hi-fi system. I spend a lot of time checking the details, I do not want to make any mistakes … And little by little, I know how to go fast, not to miss anything.

Today, as I have good contacts with the different owners, my profile is well noted and the requests are more and more regular. My studies leave me a lot of free time, so in addition to handing the keys, I also do some cleaning and I bring clean clothes in the apartment.

It is planned by Welkeys: the more I do, the more I am paid.

  • Create jewelry

During the day, I am a project manager, but at night and on weekends, I create jewels. Two years ago, when I bought a pair of earrings, I clicked: I’m sure I could make them myself. I learn about materials, I try and very quickly, it becomes a passion. 

But a passion that is expensive. Fine stones, tools … I have to finance the equipment, and the few orders from my girlfriends are not enough. So I’m doing research to launch my online sales site. 

It seems complicated until I discovered Etsy. This is what I need: immediate visibility around the world and a back office where I can manage my page easily. I create my brand, Mitsy Sunday, and little by little, the first requests arrive.

  • Rent your cellar as efficient ideas for making money

When I move into my apartment, I discover a huge cellar, which I almost do not use. I think it can be Ideas for making money. Today, we exchange everything: his sofa, his drill, and even his toilet, so I’m sure I can do something in this space.

I inquire on the internet: via the site Ouistock, you can rent his garage or cellar to individuals. In chatting with a counselor, I learn that the registration is free and that I just have to declare the rent to taxes.

I start: I describe my cellar, set a price based on other offers and I wait for the proposals … Nothing for weeks. I end up zapping until I receive a request. Eric, a student from my neighborhood, is going to Beijing for six months and is looking for furniture storage.

  • Draw posters

I am doing my last days of internship at the service of a cultural center when I hear about the creation of a poster for the “open week”. Nobody has an idea and the budget is reduced to the max.

At the moment I dare not say anything, but in my corner, between two reports to make, I do some sketches and collages. He takes art classes since I was small and I wanted to do my job, before listening to my parents who advise me to learn “a real job” …

Three days later, during a meeting, I start and show my sketches. Nobody expects it: for them, I take care of the numbers. But they like my ideas, they will use them as a base and I can help them. 

In this cultural center, I know that it is honesty that prevails, so no risk that my drawing is used while I am kindly referred to the account. My tutor agrees every afternoon, I draw, scan, make edits with the creative team …

I hope these ideas for making money can be useful for you.

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