How to Teach Independence to Your Children?

Many dads are wondering up to what level they should either protect their children or give them more freedom. Fashions and safety have changed dramatically in recent decades,  prompting more caution and caution from our offspring. Here are some tips on how to teach independence to your children that you need to pay attention to


Teach independence to your children from an early age…

Teach your children that you have confidence in them from an early age. You will teach them that trust is worthy and must be nurtured. It is on this trust that you can then build its future independence. Each attempt at independence should not be accompanied by a sanction, at most an explanation.

During teenagehood…

It is at this age that they will have the greatest need for independence. You will have to let go of the elastic … gently, for you as for your child.

The first outings on weekends, in the afternoon, or in the evening, the first purchases without asking a notice to their dad. It’s probably, if you have not done so, the right opportunity to teach them how to manage their money. Pocket money, if you give them money, odd jobs, or gifts, teach them to stock up, to budget, and make them accountable for their expenses.

Learn from your mistakes: a bad thing

Dad and Mom, we must be there to help our children recover from their failures. We do not have the mission to prevent them from doing it. Your story and personal construction to you, dad, is not your own experiences, good or bad.

Again, if the penalty is too important in case of failure, you risk implicitly or push him to fault or break a bond of trust … not to hurt you.

The bond of trust seems to me to be essential. 

  • Discover the reasons that led your child to not respect his commitment. You will probably allow him not to take thoughtless risks the next time.
  • Think about the best time to be attentive to your remarks.
  • Have him find and verbalize the possible points of improvement so that this situation does not happen anymore.
  • Thank him for telling you the truth.
  • Renew your confidence, and remind him that until proven otherwise, this will be the case for a long time.

Do you agree with these tips about how to teach independence to your children?

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