How to take care of oily skin? A skin care tips

It’s not just teenagers who know about skin problems! For hormonal reasons, hereditary or contextual (climate, stress, pollution, poor diet), over 25 years can also suffer the disadvantages of oily skin: the excess of sebum, comedones, and dilated pores … The following tips will tell about How to take care of oily skin

Not easy to be well in your skin, nor to know how to improve his condition without making a carnage … Because in front of imperfections, the temptation to give in to violence is great!

Who did not try to make a button disappear before a party? Who has not sinned by excessive zeal by abusing aggressive products, wanting to purify his skin? Quit paying the fees with interest: infected button, scars, overproduction of sebum …


Four steps to take care of her oily skin smoothly.

To clean: hygiene is the first condition to respect to have healthy skin. Cosmo explains its cleansing ritual in two steps for more beautiful and healthier skin!
Hydrate: Who said that oily skin was never thirsty? We tell you the truth about moisturizing oily skin!
Erase: Inhale, erase … Let your skin breathe! Cosmo advises you on the choice of a suitable scrub and its application.
Loving: Learning to love your skin to live better with is the Cosmo tip!
Take care of your oily skin by cleaning it
Hygiene is the first condition to respect to have healthy skin, oxygenated. This is especially true for oily skin where the meeting of bacteria and clogged pores often results in the appearance of unsightly pimples … Irreproachable hygiene is the basis of the care of oily skin.

We advise you to follow a cleaning ritual in two stages, morning and evening. The cleaning of the morning will allow removing the sebum produced during the night, that of the evening to rid the skin of the impurities accumulated during the day (pollution, make-up, dust). The skin will be prepared to receive the care it deserves!

Clean your skin with a cleansing gel specifically formulated to remove impurities and regulate excess sebum.
Apply a loosening and mattifying lotion with a soft cotton pad.

Take care of your oily skin by moisturizing

If by definition, your skin does not need fat (it produces enough alone), it needs water, like all skin! It may seem surprising, but oily skin can also be dehydrated …

In order to moisturize your oily skin without smothering it, Cosmo recommends that you choose a water-based moisturizing gel that is non-greasy and non-comedogenic. The goal is to gorge the skin of water, the challenge of not clogging its pores!

  • Apply your moisturizing gel morning and evening after your cleansing ritual.

Take care of your oily skin by exfoliating it

The scrub allows, thanks to “mechanical” action, to unclog the pores of the skin and refine its grain. Results: an epidermis that breathes, skin smoother and less dull.

Cosmo recommends that you scrub the face and neck twice a week. The rule to respect: softness and regularity. In fact, too strong gestures could stimulate the sebaceous glands which, to respond to the aggression, would produce even more sebum!

Choose instead a scrub formulated specifically for oily and imperfections, containing salicylic acid with antiseptic properties. Also make sure it contains small grains, less aggressive for your skin.

Take care of your oily skin by loving it

The oily skin does not have that fault … Did you know for example that they were much less vulnerable to aging skin and deep wrinkles than other skin types?

Learn how to love and take care of your oily skin, it will return in a few years!

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