How to Make Your Child Smarter

Family happiness, education, these themes have been the subject of many scientific studies. But what about methods to help his children achieve good grades and develop intellectually? Well, there are also many studies and books on this subject. Here are 9 tips inspired by science about how to make your child smarter.


1  Encourage them to play an instrument

Children who take music lessons see their IQ grow faster than those who do not, according to multiple studies. Moreover, learning music is beneficial for all ages. Indeed, a study from Northwestern University has shown that it will help older people fight against age-related mental disabilities.

2  Have them play sports

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, remember … Being fit promotes learning abilities, according to a German study published in 2007. It proved that people who learn Vocabulary words after exercising have a learning ability increased by 20%.

3  Read WITH them and not for them

Instead of reading stories to them by letting them look at the pages passively, read with them, drawing their attention to words and phrases. This increases their abilities and facilitates learning to read.

4  Watch out for lack of sleep!

One hour of sleep has the effect of transforming the brain of a child in grade 6 into a CM1 student, according to the book NurtureShock, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. Several studies have also demonstrated the link between school grades and sleep duration. You know what you’re up to …

6  To learn, you have to be active

Forget learning DVDs for kids, they are useless. The important thing to remember is to be active, instead of just reading the information you want to remember. Ask your children about their lessons or encourage them to test themselves.

7  Delicacies at the right time

Of course, that says healthy eating says better results in school. But you can still give your children sweets from time to time. Only, choose the right moment: for example, it is better to give them sweets when they study, so that they benefit from the positive and boosting effects of glucose on the brain.

8  Make them happy

It sounds obvious, but a fulfilled child will become an accomplished adult. And what is the first step to making a child happy: to be a happy parent, for sure!

9  Last Tips about How to make your child smarter: Belief in them!

Believing in your child’s abilities makes all the difference. As Arthur and Elain Aron explain in their book The Heart of Social Psychology: A Backstage View of a Passionate Science, researchers in 1968 found that children they described to their teachers as arrows had their score IQ tests increase after a few months, simply thanks to this confidence placed in them.

And do not forget, intelligence is not everything! Intelligent people who have no sense of morality or generosity or empathy are usually scary …

I hope these tips about how to make your child smarter can be useful for you.

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