How to make money quickly: 9 Ideas that may help you

Techniques to take advantage of additional income to round the end of the difficult month are many but are unknown. We will not talk here about miracle methods to become a millionaire overnight, but good plans that make money quickly outside your main job. These techniques do not require much time to generate profit, nor do they require a large financial investment to start up.

Use your internet connection to make money fast

Do not just use your internet connection to surf the social networks or follow your series on Netflix. The web makes it easy to earn money with some good deals.


Participate in commercial campaigns and web marketing for additional revenue

It’s all about answering questions and giving feedback on services and products. Some marketing campaigns offer consumer meetings to test products for financial rewards, gifts, or vouchers. You can find these missions on sites like and Similar missions are also offered by Be my eye and Mobeye to make money shopping. They consist of raising prices, taking pictures, and testing the services of the store.

Sponsorship systems to make money fast

You can also take advantage of the boom in online sales to supplement your income very easily. Some sites like Igraal and Poulpeo offer to pay you in return for new customers you bring them. All you need is for them to sign up for a referral link to earn your money.

Each client you sponsor also allows you to collect a percentage of the cashback of their expenses on the site. In the same vein, online banks like Hello Bank offer money for opening an account. Boursorama also allows you to earn € 150 for each friend you sponsor.

Create your e-commerce website for dropshipping

Dropshipping is a method of selling products online. It does not require buying a stock of products but requires the creation of an online store and some e-commerce skills. You can find free training and e-commerce tips on many blogs.

The creation of the site can be done with easy to use online tools and very affordable, like Shopify. If you want to leverage other online sales systems to make quick money, Amazon FBA’s logistics, SEO, and 24-hour delivery benefits will make your job easier. It does require some investment, however, because you have to send the products you want to sell to Amazon.

Earn money fast with your blog or social network page

The web is a real sales tool that allows you to make money quickly. Some even use it as their main source of income.

Sell ​​on your blog or Facebook page, Instagram

To make money quickly, creating a page on social networks is free and just a few euros to boost the page. But the creation of a blog or a website has also become very affordable, and this one is a bit more professional. Among the quality hosts, O2switch allows the installation of WordPress, a site creation tool. Enjoy a professional design with a premium template, like the one proposed by Elegant themes.

The most profitable products are currently apprenticeships and services, services and advice, and even cooking recipes. In parallel, you can also register on jobbing sites such as Yooppies,,, Fiverr, 5euros, and Je me propose, to offer services or skills in plumbing, translation, interpreting, private lessons, graphic designer, web designer, electricity, …

Amortize blog fees and boost pages FB

For your blog or social network page like Facebook, offer affiliate/sponsorship links in your content and enjoy the advertising display with Adsense to generate more money. The turnover of a blog/site nevertheless depends on its traffic and its visibility in search engines. To make money fast, it is essential to increase your audience by putting into practice some SEO positioning techniques and web marketing.

Renting: a good way to make money quickly and easily

From one room of your main home to other types of property, renting is one of the fastest ways to make money quickly and easily.

Home rental as a source of additional income

With Airbnb, you can legally sublease a spare room of your main home or all of it for 120 days. It is only necessary to ensure good conditions of cohabitation. For a rental investment, you can rent for an indefinite period.

Rent various properties to earn money quickly and effortlessly

Outside your home, the possibilities of renting have multiplied with the advent of the sharing economy. To earn money quickly, just register on sites like Ouicar, Costockage, Zilok, and Gamping, offering these services for carpooling, rent your car, house, cellar, garage, parking, garden, appliances, computer, camera, DIY tools, tablet computer, suit or groom’s dress, and a multitude of other movable or immovable goods. It is even possible to rent a wall to advertising companies or the roof to companies that sell electricity to EDF via solar panels.

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