How to live a richer life, the enemy no1 is in your beliefs


For a richer life, the # 1 enemy is in your beliefs 

Yes! To live a richer life, the enemy no1 is in your beliefs, and our beliefs are like the glasses we put on to appreciate reality! I have a nice story to illustrate what the beliefs produce from an early age: Two little children about 2 years old play on the beach right at the water’s edge. A larger wave than the others makes them stumble and fall into the water. One gets up screaming and rushes to the parents crying and the other … laughs and continues to splash!

The same “reality” is lived in a completely different way. These children obviously have different glasses to “read” what happened to them: the glasses correspond to our “internal programming”, our grid of reading, in short … our beliefs.

I like the metaphor of gardening because it offers many very relevant images on how to … cultivate our wealth.

Identify your beliefs to live a richer life!

All the lands are not equal to give the best to different plants and according to what we want to plant in our garden, it will be necessary to add a little potting soil or compost, pruning the trees above so that the sun goes down on tomatoes, or on the contrary shelter the fragile flowers where the shade is denser.

As for the money, we also have a “land”, a mixture of earth and large stones, roots, and weeds. It’s hard to want money if your whole life has thought that money rots relationships: you want to keep your friends …
And so, a lot of small, ready-made sentences make our relationship to money, wealth, to success.
– money does not make happiness,
– we have no money but we have values,
– we are not of the same world,
– the money goes to the money,
– to earn his bread in the sweat of his front,
– …

We all have ours and some of these little phrases are real blockages for the blossoming of your portfolio. I propose you to prepare the ground for beautiful harvests.

It is according to our beliefs that we react, analyze the situations and make our choices, often unconsciously: it is the case for the color of the t-shirt that we choose, our mode of transport, our job, the music we listen to or our diet, … and even what we “think” about us.

Some will be extremely favorable to your happiness: a person who thinks himself lucky leaves with a huge asset 
Others: someone who hears from childhood that he is “fragile” is more likely to go to the doctor at the slightest cold …

What we live is what happens + how we live it 

So, it’s a question of first identifying what your beliefs are because the good news is that if we can not do much with what happens, we have the power to change what’s happening in us!

So, try to be attentive to your “terrain” and, whenever possible, go from generality without appeal (“I’m bad at math”, “I do not know about money “, …) to a more objective formulation of the type:

– I have long thought that … but I also observed that … so today I think that …

Little by little you clean your land and make it suitable for gardening!

As far as your relationship with money is concerned, this cleaning gradually makes it possible to apprehend your budget (resources and expenses) in a more pragmatic and less emotive way.

I hope this article about how to live a richer life can be useful for you.

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