How to grow a lemon tree from a cutting?

This method of how to grow a lemon tree from a cutting is suitable for all Citrus fruits, but the best results are obtained with the Lemon tree because of its rapid growth.


1 . On the Lemon tree, choose a long branch of about a year which seems in good health.
2 . Cut this stem in the section of 15 to 20cm, taking care to cut well beveled, this increases the contact surface from which the future roots will come.
3. Remove the leaves from the part that will be buried in the substrate and then reduce by half the surface of the remaining leaves, this will reduce evaporation.
4 . Lightly sprinkle the base of the cutting with plant growth hormones.
Avoid putting too much, only a small amount is effective.

5 . Take small plastic pots that you fill with a substrate for seedlings and cuttings.
With a pencil, start a small hole in which you will slide the cutting about 2 to 3cm below the surface level. Press the soil well around the stem and water it abundantly, preferably with rainwater.

6 . Place your pots in mini-greenhouses that you will place in a very bright place, but without direct sunlight. A constant temperature around 24, 25 degrees is ideal.
7. Regularly monitor your cuttings and moisten to keep the substrate moist, without soaking. Avoid standing water in the bottom of the greenhouse.

The ideal about how to grow a lemon tree from a cutting is to have a draining layer of Argex or non-calcareous gravel at the bottom of the greenhouse.
As soon as you see the first small shoots, you will have to remove the greenhouse cover and then cultivate like the other lemon trees.
Protect young plants from direct sunlight in hot weather.
Cuttings can usually be done throughout the growing period. However, avoid cutting too close to the winter period.

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