How to Do Pedicure at Home

We will give you some very simple tips on how to do pedicure at home so that you can take care of your feet and make your own home pedicure.


Step 1: Prepare yourself before

Gather everything you need for a foot care pedicure and place a comfortable chair in the bathroom. Enjoy, it’s a moment to relax and escape from your busy daily life. If you like music, you can, of course, listen to your favorite songs.

Step 2: Get rid of impurities

Take a dissolvent for mild polish and impregnate cotton. Then pass on your toenails to remove the old varnish.

Step 3: A footbath cleans and cares for your feet

You can enrich the water with active ingredients specifically designed for footbaths: salicylic acid 1 softens rough areas and essential oils like mint or rosemary have a deodorizing effect on the skin and stimulate the senses 2.

You can create your own bath additive! Simply add three tablespoons of coarse salt and a cup of olive oil to 10 liters of water. The oil-salt mixture will make your skin soft and supple 3. You can even add a few slices of lemon. This helps soften your cuticles and callous skin and disinfects your feet 4.

Step 4: Get rid of dead skin

Now that your. You can use Grater to get rid of hard skin underfoot. She gets rid of the hard skin effectively. Thereafter we recommend applying Scholl Care Express Anti-Callosities on your washed and dried feet. Your skin will be softer after just one application.

Step 5: Nail Preparation

After, cut your nails. Use a nail file to give them the shape you want and soften the angles. Avoid over-rounding them – this can make it easier for ingrown toenails to appear. 8 With Scholl Velvet Smooth ™ Sublime Electric Nails you can get shiny and healthy-looking nails. This easy-to-use system consists of 3 steps: filing, buffing, and polishing. Its ergonomic design allows you to use it for both your toenails and your hands.

Step 6: Nourish your nails

For a perfect finish, it is recommended to apply a layer of nourishing oil for nails and cuticles 6. If you have time, use a wooden stick to clear your cuticles and enlarge your nails.

Step 7: Treat your feet with hydration and massage

It’s time to soothe and moisturize your cells even more. For this, use a specialized cream, such as Daily Moisturizing Cream or Intense Scholl Nutrition Cream for feet as it goes. Massage your feet for well-being and relaxation! The soles of our feet have countless nerve endings and it is not always possible to stimulate them all with walking. 7

Step 8, Last step about how to do pedicure at home: Finish with your favorite color

Put a cotton pad on your nails to prepare them for the polish. Start at the bottom, wait, and here are your nails ready for your favorite color! The homemade pedicure is not only used to get rid of your calluses. It’s also the perfect time to relax, take care of your body and transform your bathroom into a cocoon to pamper yourself with Scholl’s expert products! Pamper yourself and repeat the spa for your feet. You will feel more dynamic every day!

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