How to become a happier person

Some find happiness in small pleasures that they offer themselves regularly. But is it a good recipe on the right term? Let’s see here how to become a happier person in 3 big steps, so who does not work …


How to become a happier person: WHAT DOES NOT WORK TO BECOME HAPPY?

The issue has been debated for a very long time. Many are still looking for the answer to this question. But is there only a real answer?

Before giving you concrete steps to become happy or at least strive towards happiness, let us take stock of what is not working.

What does not work when one looks for happiness is to base one’s happiness on elements external to us. By external elements, I mean your family, your job or your business, your hobbies, your friends, your bank account, etc.

All this is ephemeral and can potentially disappear overnight.

I do not wish you that but you could lose your companion, your job, your friends, your money, no longer have time or money to practice your leisure and spend in a very short time from a state of happiness to a state of misfortune.

What does that mean? That happiness is an illusion if it is based on external elements.

Some people have a good life and think they control their happiness from A to Z. However, a simple divorce can literally upset their lives and they can end up wasting when everything was fine before.

I am not saying that these events are innocuous and that they should not affect us. Some situations are emotionally charged and it is natural to feel the effects. But these effects should be short-lived.

And in any case, it is possible for us to return to a state of peace, grace, and fulfillment quickly.

ACCEPT TO BECOME HAPPY: The key tips about how to become a happier person

Can you accept everything in your life?

Accept your life as it is, Accepts your financial situation, Accepts your love situation, Accept your professional situation, Accept your health, Accept your family, Accept others as they are

To accept oneself
Accept your emotional states, Accept your fears, your distress, your anger, Accept your successes as your failures, Accept your physique, Accept that others do not agree with you, Accept that life is not always easy, Accept that you can lose what you own, Accept that you are not the best in all areas, Accept that you are judged, Agree to be different
Accept not to be understood, how to become a happier person, In short … accept everything!

Are you able to? Or do you see all this as a utopia, something reserved for the greatest wise men on the planet?

It’s wrong. I’m not telling you it’s easy but becoming happier is going through this phase of acceptance. There is no state of permanent happiness without acceptance of all that is.

Becoming happy goes through this phase of acceptance.


How do you want to become happy in life if you play a role? Of course, you will tell me. But that may be what you do. Because we have been trained in this. Or maybe programmed …

The fact is that society dictates rules that must be respected. This brings us into an educational, financial and social system whose conditions we accept. This leads us to adapt without always taking into account what it means for us.

So ask yourself this question and answer it honestly: Are you yourself in life?

You may have played a role from a young age to make you accept certain social circles and to find a job that will allow you to pay your bills and make you live decently without getting too bored.

And yes … adapting to our world can make us forget who we really are.

Yet you are born with talents, with desires, with universal uniqueness, and all the keys in you to become happy.


I have used the term ” how to be happy ” in this article, but the term “becoming” shows a state to be achieved when in reality it works differently.

The past no longer exists while the future is just a jumble of probable scenarios. All this is blank, as they say. The only moment that truly exists and over which you have power is here and now.

Most of us have forgotten, living in the problems of the past and in the illusions of the future. Yet, everything is here and now to deliver us from all this and make us strive towards that happiness, to make us find the being that we are.

Here and now are the keys you are looking for and which are already present in you. You think you have to look far, sometimes go around the world, get into your dreams and dig in unlikely places to find your happiness?

Your happiness is there. It is just hidden under a heap of something, but that prevents you from seeing it.

Be free to do what you want to become happy

Yes, freedom passes by there. The freedom to be but also the freedom to do. It is often wrongly thought that we can not do this or that. While we are 100% responsible for our choices, especially in our industrialized societies where freedom is relatively large.

Even if we are talking about conspiracy and all that cool stuff, you have a responsibility to your actions, to your reactions.

Everything goes from being to doing it to finally having. And the model of happiness is modeled on it as well. The first step is to be, here and now, to then do what feels right for you to finally get what you need to keep going. I hope these tips about how to become a happier person can be useful for you, for your happiness

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