How to become a confident girl: 7 steps

Lack of trust is the most common problem among representatives of the lower half of humanity. These are the existing complexes, which often migrate from childhood to adulthood. Uncertainty leads to difficulties in family relationships and careers. The girl is forced to constantly doubt the accuracy of her decisions. Therefore, the crucial question is how to become a confident girl and take a fresh look at familiar things. Find tips about how to become a confident girl here


Signs of an unsafe person

  1. Speech scrambled, confused, fast. A person is embarrassed to express their opinion in a circle of loved ones or strangers. If he decides to do so, the speech sounds crumpled, unsure. Often, with the dialogues established in the voice, the doubt is felt, so that the opponents doubt statements of the speaker.
  2. Clumsiness. This feature is the best characterizes an uncertain personality. During the conversation, such a person can find no room for his hands, constantly adjust his hair, look for a comfortable posture, etc. Awkwardness is manifested in the fact that everything flows out of hands. Conversations with other people do not add up because you are too selfless.
  3. Absence of mind Another sign of insecurity. A person can not focus their gaze, rushing from side to side with an absent view. A person who does not trust her is afraid to look at her interlocutors in the eye. If this happens, the view migrates abruptly in another direction.
  4. Lack of style in clothes. A person who does not believe in himself, by and large, has no opinion or style in particular. If the latter is there, there is no confidence in his incarnation in reality. From there, a person rushes between “gray” clothes too vulgar or, on the contrary, not very visible.
  5. Closed behavior. A complicated or uncertain girl leads a way of being closed. She does not talk much with people, rarely goes to parties with friends, tries to avoid unknown personalities. The attention of the side does not deliver flattery, but only puts you to the test.

There are many more signs of an uncertain person, but the above is fundamental. If you notice yourself, use psychological techniques.

How to become a confident girl

Step number 1. Make yourself aware

  1. Realizing your potential is the most effective way to get rid of complexities and insecurity in general. Anyone who respects himself must follow a difficult path on the path of a happy life.
  2. Evaluate your chances, highlight the areas in which you want to achieve. To find harmony, you must do only what you like. Let the hobby bring moral satisfaction and money.
  3. Do not listen to people who say that happiness is not money. Yes, it is possible, but it is easy to discuss this way when a decent amount is deposited into your account.
  4. Money gives confidence. With them, you will discover the world from another angle, you will be able to travel more often, eat expensive and tasty dishes, dress well, learn. Money opens up a lot of opportunities.
  5. Analyze yourself, your character, your profession, your routine. If you get money, change your business, look for options to make money.
  6. Accumulate, finally, on the car, learn a new specialty! Expand your horizons, do something that gives you goosebumps. Do not listen to those who doubt you.

Step # 2 Aspire to trust

  1. Every person at least once in their life faced with self-doubt. Some situations cast doubt on one’s abilities, while hands are lowered, apathy and depression begin.
  2. It is important to understand that all this is just an event on the path of life. The black band will end and the white band will start. You should not dwell on uncertainty.
  3. Do your best to maintain your dignity. The little troubles must not come out of a rut, they are temporary. Regardless of what is happening, in all the ridiculous situations in which you might fall, keep confidence in yourself.
  4. Doubts will always be there, but do not let them beat your self-esteem. Fight difficulties by looking for ways to distract yourself from problems. Meditate, read, play sports.
  5. To build trust, do more of what you do best. Do you like to play on stage? Dare set a course!

Step number 3. Respect yourself

  1. Without self-respect, it is impossible to become a confident person. Do not let other people talk badly about you, be able to express opinions and disagreements, say “No!”, If the circumstances require it.
  2. Do not focus on defects, everyone makes mistakes. Think of the qualities that have helped you succeed or overcome difficulties.
  3. Find self-esteem each day. Do not skimp on the words of praise. Look for benefits in your appearance, your character, your behavior. Revive old talents and dive into a hobby.
  4. Listen to the compliments and feel free of them. People who say it deserves special attention. If you say you have a beautiful smile, then that’s the case.
  5. The boss praised stress and calm? Perfect, you have performed well in difficult circumstances. Take all that is heard and set compliments in your head.
  6. Scroll through the achievements that have helped you feel proud. Do you have a university degree with a red diploma? Everyone can not do it! There is something to respect you.

Step number 4.Connect with the “good” people

  1. Choose a company on the right. Do not communicate with those who belittle you and speak too negatively. Surround yourself with nice, successful and positive people.
  2. Communication must unfold comfortably, without criticism or hypocrisy. If you think the person is not trustworthy, exclude them from your friends’ list.
  3. Get used to the attention of men and women in particular. Control yourself, do not “fall in the paint” when complimenting on appearance and other benefits.
  4. Learn the art of holding stories with your audience. Try to be in the center of attention more often, take an oratory class. Visit a psychologist to teach you how to communicate with people.

Step number 5. Watch yourself

  1. It should be remembered that you should always look amazing. Thus, a 100% confidence will appear. Consider, fighting makeup here does not matter. It is important to pay special attention to the condition of the skin, hands, manicures, and hair.
  2. In order not to think about what you will look like, you have to choose a simple wardrobe, but tastefully. Acquire the things that your ego needs. In this outfit, you will feel confident and comfortable.
  3. Be individual. Do not rush into sales and buy everything in the hope of disassembling everything. This movement is the most erroneous. The wardrobe should be relatively modest, but comfortable and in demand.

Step number 6. Do what you like

  1. Try to eliminate and forget all the negative memories of life. It is an important point in how to become confident girl tips. Take charge and pay particular attention to the films you watch, with whom you communicate, what you read.
  2. It is necessary to limit communication with people who doubt you and do not believe that you can achieve something. Believe me, it’s worth it once because positive and gay people will replace you, which will motivate you. As a result, you will become such a person yourself.
  3. Try to devote more time to your leisure, be it creativity or sports. Go in different circles and sections according to your interests. This is where you will meet new friends with the same ideas.
  4. Do not be shy, with time, this feeling will pass. You will become a more confident and determined person. Try to reveal yourself in a new direction. Stay still and develop yourself. You are individual, do not forget it. Be the sunbeam in the gray world.
  5. Start small. For example, force yourself to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Spend some free time doing sports. Walk more, go running. Give up unnecessary TV shows. Explore topics that have always interested you.
  6. Stop wasting time sitting in front of a computer on the Internet. Try to extract only useful information. Practicing parallel sports shortly will increase your self-esteem. You will not notice what was 1-3 months ago. Become an individual

Step number 7. Work on the gaps

  1. The main problem for unsafe people is that they simply do not know each other, their shortcomings and their merits. Start solving the problem with self-study. In this way, you will increase your self-esteem and open up new opportunities.
  2. The first step towards this goal will be to formulate ideas on paper. To do this, write in a notebook containing 100 of your negative and positive qualities. In the box with flaws, take notes, what benefits would you replace them.
  3. Next is the hard work on yourself. Each time with a new realization, scratch the defect you have replaced with dignity. Create a special success book in which you will be able to solve the difficulties you have overcome daily.
  4. This method is very effective, it is a good way to become a confident girl. In the difficult moments of life, you can always remember what you have already experienced, rereading the list of achievements.

Some other tips about how to become a confident girl…

  1. Do not dwell on mistakes. Every person in life is confronted with unpleasant situations. To deal with problems, you have to treat everything with humor. Thus, you will not have the desire to fall through the earth. You will be confident and much easier to cope with stress.
  2. Be responsible. To become a confident person, you will need to take courage and respond to your actions or what has been said. Do not doubt yourself, if you try, you can turn the situation in your favor. For you to be assertive to others, people will understand that you have changed for the better.
  3. Demonstrate ability. Each person is unique in their way, you surely have different abilities and talents. Believe me, they are available without a doubt. Try to focus on that and break the walls around you, to put it simply, stand out from the others.

Many girls want to gain confidence in themselves not to stay in the gray mass. To get the desired results, you need to follow simple tips. Thus, you will gradually reveal your personality and your potential. Believe me, at first glance, small changes can seriously change lives for the better. I hope these tips about how to become a confident girl will be useful 

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