How to be Mentally Healthy and Happy

One of the most important things to maintain your body’s health is to maintain your own mental and psychological health. There are many things you can do to make sure you stay psychologically healthy. The following are some tips, How to be mentally healthy and happy


Enough sleep

Sleep is very important for our physical and psychological health. Enough sleep will maintain the chemical conditions in our brain that are very important in sending information throughout the body. These chemicals are very important in dealing with our moods and feelings. If we don’t get enough rest, we can begin to feel discouraged or anxious.

The Sleep Foundation provides tips on the best ways to rest well and to overcome sleep problems.

Eat well

Healthy and sufficient eating are not only important for our body but at the same time, it is important for our brain. Lack of certain minerals, for example, lack of iron and B12 nutrients, can reduce our thinking ability. Try to eat with a balanced eating routine. If you find yourself as a very focused or anxious individual, you must limit or eliminate caffeine because this can make you feel anxious.

Keep away from liquor, smoking, and drugs

Drinking and smoking continuously can cause some that affect your psychological health. Excessive drinking for a certain period can cause you to become deficient in thiamine. Thiamine is very important for our brain’s work and deficiencies can cause extreme memory problems, machine problems (coordination), confusion and eye problems. If you smoke, between cigarettes, your body and brain experience a withdrawal that makes you become angry and agitated.

Different drugs will often leave you in withdrawal and regularly can cause very low mood and anxiety. Serious effects of drugs can cause paranoia and delusions. There are several studies that state that the use of drugs is very closely related to mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Get plenty of suns light

During the day is a great source of nutrition. Vitamin D is a nutrient that is very important for our body and mind. This encourages our brain to release chemicals that improve our mood, similar to endorphins and serotonin. Try basking in the sun if you can, but make sure you take care of your skin and eyes. 30 minutes to two hours per day, the daytime is perfect. In the middle of winter, some people get discouraged because they don’t get enough sunlight – this is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Some people find that using a special light therapy helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Manage stress

Regular stress is unavoidable, but understanding what triggers your stress and realizing how to adapt is key to maintaining great emotional health. Try to handle your tasks and stresses by arranging a schedule when you can solve each problem. Often if you break down your worries and stresses and write them down, you realize that they are manageable. Try not to cover your head in the sand, and handle the problem at hand. If you find you have trouble sleeping, or wake up thinking about everything that makes you worry, take notes and promise yourself that you can manage it in the first part of the day. Managing stress is one of the most important parts of How to be mentally healthy and happy

Exercise and sports

Action and exercise are the basis for maintaining great psychological health. Being dynamic gives you a feeling of accomplishment, but it supports synthetic ingredients in your brain that help put you in a good mood. Practicing can help get rid of a bad, nervous, stressful mindset and feel tired and lethargic.

You don’t have to run long-distance races or play soccer for one and a half hours; short walks or other light exercise is often enough.

Do something that makes you happy

Try setting aside a few minutes to do things that are fun for you. If you like to walk, paint, or watch certain TV, try to set aside time for fun. If we don’t invest energy to do things we value, we can become discouraged and bored.

Connect with others and be sociable

Try to maintain good connections and communicate with others wherever you find opportunities. Having friends is very important for your confidence but in addition to offering help even though you don’t feel too great about it. Research has found that talking to other people for only ten minutes can improve memory and test scores!

Last tips about how to be mentally healthy and happy: Helping others!

Helping others is not only useful for the person you are helping; it’s useful for you too. Helping someone can help increase your confidence and make you like your place on the planet. Feeling like you are part of a community is a very important part of your emotional health. You can try to volunteer for the closest philanthropy, or just be neighbors.

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