Grow Light for Citrus Tree: Tips to Choose

Plants obviously need light to thrive properly!
They often do not receive enough light and eventually wither.
This is the case in a poorly lit interior and also during the winter season. How to choose the best grow light for citrus tree?

The advantage of lighting them is to be able to introduce green plants indoors in slightly dark rooms.

Another use of lamps is to be able to start seedlings indoors during the winter when the days are too short.

The gardeners use them to be able to produce flowers in winter like roses.

Agricultural Research employed to create artificial cycles regardless of seasons.

The scientific laboratories’ horticultural companies, also use the universities’ reproduction in vitro to grow seedlings in growth chambers.

Different technologies of grow light for citrus tree

There are different types of lamps on the market:

  • lamps incandescent (filament lamps) which have the disadvantage of not providing the right lighting to plants by too yellow color temperatures;
  • sodium vapor lamps which emit a lot of heat and are very energy hungry. They give good results and are used for cupboard cultures and also by greenhouse professionals;
  • Lamps Led which is of the latest technology having the advantage of low consumption, an adapted light spectrum. Their price remains high but begins to drop because produced in larger and larger series.

The color temperature of LED lamps

Professionals use this type of color with a proportion of eight red lamps to one blue.

This type of lighting is very tiring on the eyes and can only be used for professional, non-ornamental use.

On the other hand, it is very economical because the color temperature is very suitable and we provide the plant with the lighting it really needs.

For information: LED stands for Electro Luminescent Diode.

Benefits of LEDs

There are huge advantages to growing with LEDs over HPS high-pressure sodium bulbs, fluorescents, and plasma lamps. LEDs work great, use little electricity, and produce healthier plants with great taste and scent.
LEDs have the ability to deter pests and bacteria.
Plus, LEDs are a great way to save energy, eliminate excess heat issues, and grow plants with higher quality.
The best-LED lights will perform comparably to HID bulbs.

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