how to grow lemon tree How to grow lemon tree: 8 tips for growing a lemon tree - The lemon tree, the orange tree, the mandarin tree, or the citron tree are fruit trees that are easy to grow and which bring nice touches of vitamin colors for a friendly garden. You can easily grow them in pots or containers that you will then take out from May until the end of October and then keep indoors during […]
lamium white nancy Lamium White Nancy Caring Tips - Contents1 Description2 Variant3 Planting 4 Cutter bar maintenance5 To know about the cutter bar6 Diseases and parasites that affect the cutter bar Description The Lamium white nancy is a perennial plant of the Lamiaceae family with evergreen foliage. It is an excellent ground cover, it will form a very dense carpet. What makes it special […]
aquaponics pond Aquaponics Pond Design and Tips - Contents1 What is an aquaponics pond? 2 What is an aquaponics pond?3 So, how does the aquaponics pond work?3.1 Optimal crop efficiency3.2 Practical and intelligent production3.3 A preserved natural heritage4 What can be produced with an aquaponics pond?5 Aquaponics pond is a particularly versatile system. Fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, trout, crayfish, and even flowers: the possibilities […]
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Caring Tips - Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor is houseplants that are easy to grow, as they adapt well to dim light and heated rooms in winter and therefore often not sufficiently humid.   Contents1 Botanical classification2 General characteristics3 Tips for the cultivation and care 4 Watering5 Fertilization6 Repotting7 Pruning8 Flowering9 Multiplication10 Multiplication by cuttings11 Multiplication by seed12 Parasites and diseases 13 […]
pink lavender Pink Lavender or White Lavender, which will you choose? - Contents1 Pink lavender1.1 Pink lavender: origin and description1.2 Pink lavender: cultivation1.2.1 Planting1.2.2 Interview1.2.3 Harvest1.3 Pink lavender: consumption2 White lavender seduces with its originality and multiple virtues2.1 Who is she?2.2 Plural virtues Pink lavender The pink lavender is easy to grow and likes dry soils. It brings a colorful and fragrant note to any natural space. And its […]
Lemon Tree Growth Stages for optimal Cultivation Lemon Tree Growth Stages for Optimal Cultivation - Before discussing detail lemon tree growth stages, it’s better to know that citrus fruit is native to Asia and has been introduced to all continents with mild climates. Botanical name: Citrus Limonum. There is another variety: the prickly lemon tree. The 4-season lemon tree is a cultivar (Citrus Limonum ‘Eureka’) created in 1860 and which bears fruit […]
when do lemon trees bloom When Do Lemon Trees Bloom? - when do lemon trees bloom? It depends on the type of citrus, but a general rule of thumb is the smaller the fruit, the more often it blooms. Some limes and lemons, for example, can produce up to four times a year, while the citrus flowering season for these large navel oranges is only once in the […]
best potting mix for container gardening Best Potting Mix for Container Gardening - What is the best potting mix for container gardening? Selecting the right soils not easy! Offers abound, and consumers can quickly lose the basics and usefulness of the soil. Not all potting soil is created equal, far from it! Plants deserve special attention and it is for their proper development that it is necessary to make the right choice.  Potting […]
lemon tree fertilizer Lemon Tree Fertilizer: What Natural fertilizers are recommended? - The lemon tree is cultivated mainly in the Mediterranean regions and offers this famous acid fruit, belonging to citrus fruits and so appreciated for its specific taste. These make the gardener dream and evoke the heat, the south, idleness. However, their cultivation is not always so easy and a few doses of fertilizer help to make it […]
Peeled Grapes: Best Tips To Peel The Grapes - If you’ve ever wanted to make homemade jam or bake grapes to use as ingredients in salads and other dishes, you may have needed Peeled Grapes. Maybe you are allergic to grape skins, or you just hate the taste. Whatever your reason for trying to remove their skin, your best method will be to peeled […]