aquaponics pond Aquaponics Pond Design and Tips - Contents1 What is an aquaponics pond? 2 What is an aquaponics pond?3 So, how does the aquaponics pond work?3.1 Optimal crop efficiency3.2 Practical and intelligent production3.3 A preserved natural heritage4 What can be produced with an aquaponics pond?5 Aquaponics pond is a particularly versatile system. Fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, trout, crayfish, and even flowers: the possibilities […]
how to grow a lemon tree from a cutting How to grow a lemon tree from a cutting? - This method of how to grow a lemon tree from a cutting is suitable for all Citrus fruits, but the best results are obtained with the Lemon tree because of its rapid growth. Contents1 1 . On the Lemon tree, choose a long branch of about a year which seems in good health.2 2 . […]
citrus fertilizer schedule Citrus Fertilizer Schedule: All you need to know about - A key factor in the productivity of your farm is proper citrus fertilization. Citrus and fruit trees in general require a certain balance. In this article, we give you some tips on the citrus fertilizer schedule: what types exist, how to apply them, and when, so that you can choose the most suitable option and […]
lamium white nancy Lamium White Nancy Caring Tips - Contents1 Description2 Variant3 Planting 4 Cutter bar maintenance5 To know about the cutter bar6 Diseases and parasites that affect the cutter bar Description The Lamium white nancy is a perennial plant of the Lamiaceae family with evergreen foliage. It is an excellent ground cover, it will form a very dense carpet. What makes it special […]
how to make potting soil for indoor plants How to Make Potting Soil for Indoor Plants - how to make potting soil for indoor plants
best potting mix for container gardening Best Potting Mix for Container Gardening - What is the best potting mix for container gardening? Selecting the right soils not easy! Offers abound, and consumers can quickly lose the basics and usefulness of the soil. Not all potting soil is created equal, far from it! Plants deserve special attention and it is for their proper development that it is necessary to make the right choice.  Potting […]
best potting soil for citrus trees Best Potting Soil for Citrus Trees - With their vitamin-enriched fruits, fragrant flowers, and evergreen foliage, citrus fruits (Citrus family) have it all! Discover some golden rules for best potting soil for citrus trees for growing your citrus fruits in the garden or in pots. Contents1 How to properly grow a citrus fruit? Where to plant a citrus fruit?2 When and how to plant […]
how to make potting soil for citrus trees How to Make Potting Soil for Citrus Trees - What a pleasure to grow citrus fruits at home! In the ground or in large containers, these plants require a substrate adapted to their needs to grow optimally and better if you know How to Make Potting Soil for Citrus Trees Contents1 Basic needs of citrus2 How to Make Potting Soil for Citrus Trees in pots?3 […]
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor Caring Tips - Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor is houseplants that are easy to grow, as they adapt well to dim light and heated rooms in winter and therefore often not sufficiently humid.   Contents1 Botanical classification2 General characteristics3 Tips for the cultivation and care 4 Watering5 Fertilization6 Repotting7 Pruning8 Flowering9 Multiplication10 Multiplication by cuttings11 Multiplication by seed12 Parasites and diseases 13 […]
purple garlic Purple Garlic : Growing Secrets & Tips - Purple Garlic is a fairly simple crop to grow. Planting is easy, and the garlic itself requires very little maintenance. In a soil that retains a minimum of water and that is alive, you will not have much to do: plant in the fall or in the spring, and come and harvest in the summer. The buds keep well and […]