The best bike for children: How to choose it?

Like any parent, you have chosen to please your child with a bike. Be aware that for the little ones, there are two types: those with 2 wheels and those with 3 wheels. However, choosing the best bike for children is often difficult, but is essential to meet the wishes of the child. If this is part of your concern, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information.


Parameters to take into account when choosing a child bike

When the child is very young, it is indeed necessary to opt for a bike whose learning will be much easier. Thus, three-wheeled bikes allow children of certain ages to safely control the operation of the bike. When choosing a child machine, the size of the child and the size of the wheels are important.

The size of the child to find the size of the child bike

To measure your child correctly, the easiest way is to use a seamstress meter, so the measurement will be taken in a few steps:

  • The child must be barefoot
  • Remove the quilts that would distort the size
  • Feet should be tight against the wall
  • The little one should stand up straight with outstretched legs
  • Measure with the meter

Be aware that this size of information is essential to choose a bike that will be suitable for your child.

The size of the wheels for choosing the child bike

The size of the wheels is the second parameter in the choice of children’s bikes.

For children from 2 to 4 years old, we recommend two wheel sizes: 12 inches for the youngest and 14 inches for the smaller children. This is the kind of bike to consider if your child is between 89 and 115 cm tall.

For children from 4 to 7 years, we usually recommend 16 inches. But, it happens that the 20 inches are adapted to certain children who measure between 99 and 117 cm. These bikes are ideal for you who want your child to learn to pedal with the balance bike.

What is the best bike for children, a bike with three wheels and two wheels?

The three-wheeled kid’s bike

With three-wheeled bikes, you can do several activities with the kids by showing them how to drive alone. You can also serve as a pusher for the child, that is to say, he sits on his bike and you push him to allow him to move forward. These moments together will help you blossom and your child will feel safer.

The size of a two-wheeled kid’s bike

The size of two-wheeled children’s bikes varies according to the age of the child and also its size. Since he grew up, he will have to get used to pedaling without a balance bike. At this level, the age of the child is between 5 and 14 years old.

Children from 5 to 8 years old can already go on a 2-wheel bicycle. The 20 inches is to consider if it measures between 114 and 132 cm. The latter will tend to want to pedal alone as a big one.

For pre-teens aged 9 to 14, already know how to ride alone. The child will make his bike a usual travel tool. From the moment your little one reaches 130 cm, you have to choose a bike of 24 inches. This size of wheels will be perfectly adapted to him. He will be able to go for walks with other children his age.

The two-wheeled bike is the one that will allow a family ride with your little one. It is on this machine that your child will grow up and be free in his movements. You can now enjoy many activities with children such as hiking and biking.

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